Ocean Palace Beach Club                         built in High End Quality




 A building complex like Ocean Palace Beach Club with it's 4 storey Waterfront building, needs to follow the laws, regulations and requirements of „high rising buildings“ which are similar with the corresponding laws in USA and which are not to compare with the requirements of simple family house constructions. Much more: Special designed Buildings like this "Venecian Palazzo" have to fulfill higher challenges than most of all other buildings in the province.


The design and the first drafts have been created by an European professional builder, who is a Venice Enthusiast at the same time and the plans and construction computations have been done with Professor Lee Consul, who had a lectureship in Cebu City University.


All steel bars needed to have grade 40, the concrete pouring was delivered by a ready mix company, which had to ensure min. 2500 psi and to secure a proof cylinder of every delivery and to bring it to the labratory. All of that was supervised and controlled by a licensed Engr., who had to keep the minutes.





The bare brickwork was done with holowblocks, which have been produced on the jobsite, using the double parts of cement in comparison of what is usual here. This holowblocks got enforced with 10 mm horizontal and vertical rebars and filled with cement. The roof trusses are done with steel trusses, the roof is covered with steel sheets. It was delivered and installed by one of the biggest roof material producer in Cebu City.





The doors and windows are special constructed to our own requirements. Built with strong alu multi chamber profiles (up to 2.3 mm thick), doubleglazed with 2 x 6 mm tempered glasses and powdercoated profiles. All units have grids on both sides and 3-point-locks. All door units are 3.50 mtr. high, the highest door is 2.80 high, which meets the requirements of an Venetian Style Palazzo. To hide the compressor units for the aircons, we built small decorative balconies under each window of the western frontage.


The restaurant has a big covered terrace, the adjoing terrace of the pool as well as the pool will be covered by a huge pavillon roof, which ensures shadow and rain protection.





There is a cistern tank of 120 cbm and 2 five-chamber septic tanks in the earth. Under the roof in the „5th floor“, there are additional 24 x 200 ltr. water barrels connected with a complex system of pipes and valves for filling and flushing. There are also 4 accessible logistic shafts from the ground to the roof for water and electricity pipes


All rooms are about 4 mtrs. high, the balconies have a width of 2.50 mtrs, the terraces of 4.50 mtrs. The balusters, posts, ornaments and decorative handrails are completely reinforced concrete, the balcony wrought iron rail units are also special productions to our requirements. They are hotdip galvanized and powder coated. All walkways, all accomodations and all outside facilities are absolutely barrier free, which enables also wheel chair users and senior citizen or families with buggies and special dresses divers to a comfortable stay.