Scientists successfully reverse human aging process in breakthrough study

With this above heading In November 2020 the New York Post reported about an article in the prestigious US science magazine "Aging" which describes the method and success of a long-term study, carried out by the Shamir Medical Center in Israel, in which 35 adults aged 64 and over were treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).



The study:

In a field trial at Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Shamir Medical Center in Israel, hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBO) stopped the aging of blood cells in healthy adults.


The researchers found that oxygen treatments can stop and reverse two important processes in the blood that are commonly thought to be the basis of aging and related diseases: the shortening of telomeres (protective regions located at the ends of each chromosome) and the Accumulation of so-called senescent, i.e. aged cells in the body, whose properties are inferior to those of young cells.

The study focused on examining immune cells that contained DNA from the participants' blood. When evaluating the results, both a significant elongation of the telomeres and a decrease in the number of senescent cells were found. The scientists' study was part of a comprehensive Israeli research program aimed at the reversibility of the human aging process.

35 people aged 64 or over took part in the study. Over a period of 90 days, the participants took part in 90-minute sessions (with regular breaks) in a normal oxygen pressure chamber Monday to Friday, where - as with all these oxygen therapies - they were medically monitored and cared for by doctors.

It showed that the treatments had actually reversed the aging process in two important aspects: the telomeres at the ends of the chromosomes became longer, depending on the cell type, between 20 and 38 percent and the proportion of senescent cells in the total cell population was reduced by 11 to 37 percent. This "rejuvenated" the cells of the participants by up to 25 years.

"Today telomere shortening is considered to be something like the Holy Grail of the biology of aging," said Professor Shai Efrati of the Sackler School of Medicine and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at TAU. The study has shown that the aging process can be reversed at the cellular-molecular level, says Efrati.


You can read a lot of press reviews and also the full text from the magazine "Aging" on our page "Press"


The creators of Ocean Palace have been active in the senior sector for decades and were naturally electrified by this news.


From our extensive experience in operating senior living properties, we are also familiar with hyperbaric oxygen therapies known for approximately 60 years for their remarkable healing successes, such as in treating chronic wounds like diabetic foot syndrome or tinnitus, radiation effects following cancer therapy, aseptic bone necrosis, and bone marrow edema syndrome. In recent years, the therapy has also been increasingly utilized in combatting or preventing dementia and strokes.



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The Therapy


Studies with a therapy like that of the Shamir Medical Center in Tel Aviv are complex and costly. During the therapy, the study participants lived together in a facility, with regular meals and daily routines - with the strictest protection of personal identities. On top of that, as many negative influences as possible are shielded from the outside, such as stress or physical strain, which is ultimately also decisive for the success of the therapy. One of the main negative influences are disturbances. from bad breathing air.



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The daily sessions (Monday to Friday) of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are monitored and controlled by doctors and nurses according to the parameters of the scientific study. These sessions take place in a multi-user pressure chamber with the same standard conditions that are also used since many years in therapies for the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome, one of the world's most common HBO therapies.






The enthusiastic press reactions to the success of the therapy study once again showed that there are great scientists all over the world whose research is invaluable for humanity, as in this case.

The authors of the Israeli study announce that after their groundbreaking success, the door has been opened for further studies and more research will follow.


from our perspective, the door to fulfilling humanity's oldest and greatest dream has been opened wide: the biological rejuvenation of the human body and thus the extension of life in good health.

And many people of the 60-plus generation cannot or do not want to wait another 10 or 20 years until science conducts further research projects for new drugs or treatments.

The technique and implementation of the HBO therapy we offer have been known and successful for decades. And usually, anyone eligible for HBO therapy for chronic wounds, for example, can participate.

We all have only one life.

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Juergen Zeitter