Secure your suite (s) at the Ocean Palace Beach Club !

Please fill in the form below, print it out and send it to us by email. Depending of the available units, you will receive the confirmation of your reservation.




Reservation Arrangement






Ocean Palace Beach Club

Cheryl C. Benitez

Brgy. Guiwang, Alcoy 6023, Cebu, Philippines





First name and family name: _____________________________________________

Street and Number ____________________________________________________

Code and City/Town ___________________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________________________________________


Seller and Buyer agree the Reservation of the below described Property for a period of

three months, until _____ ______ 2019:


Ocean Palace Beach Club, Alcoy, Penthouse/Appartement No.: _____________


with a purchase price of __________________ PHP / Philippine Peso,

against payment of the chargeable reservation fee of 150,000.-- PHP per unit


Buyer herewith ask the seller to issue the needed contracts regarding the following

statements and indications:


Buyer: ______________ ________________________ [First and Family Name]

Occupation: _____________________________________________

Date of Birth: __.__.____ in [City/Town]________________________

Nationality: __________________________

Identification No.: [Passport No] ______________________________

Marital Status: __________________

If married, matrimonial property scheme: ______________________________

Copy of Passport to be annexed.


Buyer confirms the acknowledge of the relevant descriptions and brochures of the above

described property.

The notarization of contracts shall be done until _________ ____2019.


Seller is bound not to sell the reserved property, like above described, to any other buyer

within the above agreed reservation period.


In witness whereof, i have hereunto affixed my signature

on this __ _____ 2019 in _________________ [City, Town]


Buyer’s and Seller‘s Confirmation





Buyer‘s signature over printed characters







Seller‘s signature over printed characters