Secure revenue - High rental income





                                                                      Sample Calculation

If you want to improve your pension or other income or increase substantially, you can also operate 
a fine, private "rental business" in our club facility. Our facility with all its advantages and conditions,
offers the very best conditions for this. (Security service, caretaker, auxiliaries, reception, restaurant,
pool, etc.) Even those who can not or do not want to deal with the "rental bsns" simply hands this over
to the manager / caretaker, who is happy to pay for a small commission everything cares.
Naturally, you can freely design the style and quality of furniture and the rental offer of your unit(s)
and also set the prices by yourself. If e.g. the large living and dining room gets also equipped
with a kingsize bed, you could offer the suite for larger families or groups of up to 6 people.
To spare the dining area, is of minor importance, since one always stays here anyway
on the large balcony or terrace and enjoy dinner there. Incidentally, short-term travelers rather
use the cooking facilities of a kitchenette, but rather eat in the restaurant.
The following example of the rental should therefore only serve as a guide, which may vary depending
on the season or equipment. (All information is without personal tax and expenses)

Beachfront Suite, 3 Rooms 91 qm, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, 4 Guests



Average Rental Income:

USD 50,-- per day


x 365


USD 18.250,--

Occupancy Rate

80 %


./. Utilities

(Personnel, Power, Cleaning etc.)


22 %



./. Monthly Common Charge

USD 95,--




USD 10.248,--

ROI w/o Taxations


> 13 %




Furnishing Sample: Suite incl. 3 Twinbed / 6 Guests

Furnishing Sample: Suite incl. 2 Twinbed / 4 Guests

The Two Penthouses - 4th floor

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