Living in the most beautiful waterfront palazzo in the Philippines.



This unique property is located on a approx. 3400 m² waterfront iot in Alcoy. With its apartments and penthouses, it is a small but fine residence, in which the initiator and property developer brings his 40 years of experience in the construction of special properties in Germany. Supplemented by extensive experience of the special requirements and needs for comfortable and contented living in a tropical environment.


Not to be forgotten: The direct location on the water enables all guests of our Beach Club to enjoy the best and healthiest breathing air, which is not often found in the world. See more details on our page `The Air that I breathe`.




The Location


Basic considerations:

When choosing the location for your own plot of land with a house, there are many options in the Philippines as well. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can find sea views, near the beach or directly on the waterfront. Or a piece of land somewhere in the hinterland with no sea view or access to the sea. We strongly advise you to take a close look at the locations beforehand! Lots are often offered “near the beach” that are far from any beach. Or where the sea cannot be seen at all or the beach can only be reached by long footpaths.

It is also important to clarify whether you can reach your future house by car, which is highly recommended. As everywhere in the world, the right of access to the property should be clarified in advance and secured in the purchase or leasing contract! In addition, the following should be clarified before the purchase: water connection? power connection? Internet?

Very important: Will the great sea view remain, or could it be that this can still be obstructed or restricted? Or that any sea view can soon only be guessed at through the treetops further down? And how about the street noise? Noisy motorcycles or trucks? exhaust fumes? Particulate matter?



Real Estate and Prices


You won't find a comfortable home in our construction quality right on the water with all the existing facilities and advantages at comparable prices

anywhere in Cebu.

 Property prices in the Alcoy-Dalaguete area have multiplied in recent years. Today, for example, a beautiful, developed building plot by the sea with around 1,000 square meters costs around $100,000, for a plot of land with sea views of the same size at an altitude of around $35,000 and for a small meadow plot somewhere in the hinterland approx. $ 10,000.00

 Costs for building a house: Even if you only want to build a smaller house with approx. 100 square meters of living space without a pool, you will have to reckon with around $ 120,000 to 150,000 including connections and external work. (For more information see our fact sheet "Construction and Quality")

In other words, a new, well-constructed, small house on an hinterland plot without any view or access to the sea costs around $130,000 to 150,000,--, a comparable house at high altitude with sea views costs around $150,000--180,000,-- - and the dreamed-of House and Lot with pool right on the water is not available for less than $ 300,000.00.


Venecian Palazzo

Real Estate and Foreigners


Foreigners cannot own or become the owner of land in the Philippines. Basta.

For this reason, so-called leasing contracts (= rental contracts) are usually concluded with foreigners for a property, often with a house or a house to be built.

 In the Philippines, the purchase of real estate with a leasing contract is roughly comparable to the  heritable building right or leasehold in other countries. A very long-term rental agreement is concluded, the total rent or the purchase price for the agreed term is paid upon conclusion of the leasing contract. Abroad there are mostly terms between 50 and 99 years, in the Philippines the term for private individuals is set at 2 x 25 years. Extensions are possible with us at any time by concluding a new leasing contract with the same conditions without additional costs. The lessee (person entitled to leasehold buildings) also receives a registration for the corresponding apartment with the local registration authority (so-called tax declaration).




Buyers should clarify these questions:


- Who is the registered owner of the property?

- What does the plot plan look like, i.e. is the plot from a Geodetic Engineer

   measured and marked with boundary stones (monuments)?

- What is already registered in the DENR for this property?

- Is there a current RTC Clearance and the Barangay Certificate? (Somewhat comparable to a confirmation from the responsible district court/barangay captain that there are no claims or other entries in the court for the requested property and that no proceedings or neighbor disputes are pending.)

- Are there farmer beneficiaries, claims, rights of way or other rights of use by third parties, mortgages, usufruct or other encumbrances?

Only when the notary (preferably choose one yourself!) gives the "green light" can a leasing contract for the precisely defined property and the property be concluded with the Filipino owner and registered.



The "Million Dollar View"

Good to know


The cadastral and land register system in the Philippines is far from comparable to the situation in other modern countries. In this respect, the leasing model also contains a lot of pitfalls and dangers, quite apart from the fact that there are also very dubious providers who shamelessly exploit the inexperience or lack of English language skills of new emigrants. Frequently, there are not even any surveying plans or calculations for the property, the provider's ownership situation is unclear, or there is a lack of official confirmation that construction is allowed at all (DAR, DENR). Or there are so-called "farmer benefits", i.e. third-party land use rights, or "claimings" from some neighbors or other claimants. Sometimes only leasing contracts are offered for the building alone without any leasing contract for the land! So you're paying for a house on a piece of land that's known to exist!

Absolute certainty that the seller is actually the owner of the property offered can only be provided - as in our case - by a so-called "Clean Title". This is the state guarantee certificate that the property to the extent described belongs exclusively to the owner(s) named in the certificate! Outside of the metropolises of Manila and Cebu City, very few real estate providers have such a title, including in the Alcoy-Dalaguete area. Also because the title can only be obtained with a lengthy and expensive process.



Penthouse Terrace

Carefree life at the Beach Club


Perhaps you have already learned a bit about our club complex up to this point, which is why you can already guess the many advantages: not only that the dream of a carefree life under palm trees right by the sea can be realized here affordably and without investment risk, it is also easy nicer to lead a social life with like-minded people and at the same time means much more security for each individual roommate. (Emergencies, helpers, errands, 24-hour security service, own mini market, joint excursions, shopping trips, etc)



Secure income through rental


An interesting aspect for the purchase of a suite or a second suite in our complex is the achievement of a regular and secure (additional) income. In addition to the existing resorts in our area, more and more expats have achieved a nice rental business with rooms or apartments in recent years. This is usually done via Airbnb or other Internet portals and not only brings good income but also fun for many. The fact that our club complex has the best and perhaps most profitable conditions for a rental business is evident from the entire club concept with pool, restaurant, management, assistants, caretaker, etc.



Waterfront Bedroom

Furnishing Samples

Detached Staircase incl. Lift


Top of the "Campanile"

Restaurant and Pool

Detached House for the Manager/Guard/Staffs