Why should I come to the Philippines for this therapy?



A 90-day therapy, which should be like an unforgettable holiday for everyone involved, requires a lot:


A very comfortable hotel/resort with the best sea air right on the ocean, the finest full board and spacious waterfront apartments with at least 91 sqm, 2, 3 and  4 bedrooms and large ocean terraces and balconies.


Then there are the costs for the therapy, for doctors, nurses, hotel staff, etc.

- all of that would be priceless in most other countries.


In addition, there is the pleasant summer climate 365 days a year.






What happens to my booking if I do not want to or cannot attend the therapy?



You can transfer the booking any time to another person.

Please see also our booking condtions.





Can family members or friends accompany me without them perceiving the therapy?




Yes, we have apartments with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms good for 4 to 8 guests. But you should also allow your companions to participate in the therapy. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity




I am a smoker. is smoking allowed?




Unfortunately, no. Smoking is prohibited on our entire site.





I am a wheelchair user and rely on outside help. Can I also take part in the therapy?



Yes, our entire facility is completely barrier-free and wheelchair-friendly. We can  provide you with a 24-hour nurse who even can also live in your apartment on request. Again, this is very affordable here in the Philippines





How about Covid 19 with you? What restrictions are there now?




As in most tropical countries, in the Philippines were always only a fraction of the number of infections such as in the USA and Europe - mostly in the big cities. Here in the province we only had very isolated cases. Because of the year-round, summery climate, the virus cannot spread as well. In addition, life here mostly takes place outside. With the progressive vaccination coverage of the population, the restrictions in tourism will also be lifted. We expect this to happen in the next few months






Can I also perceive the therapy as an outpatient?




No. The benefits of our all-In package can only be redeemed as a whole package. In addition, outpatients would risk reduced therapy success. (e.g. due to poor environmental conditions, stress, etc.) Continuous medical care would also not be guaranteed.