Health Is Not Everything

But Everything Is Nothing Without Health


The best and healthiest air to breathe by the sea


The lungs are undoubtedly one of the most important organs in human existence. That is why staying in a place that offers breathable air that is absolutely free of pollen, fine dust and pollutants and that also contains all the benefits of an oxygen-rich ocean breeze, as in the Ocean Palace Beach Club, is the best possible precondition for many healing processes and the health of our guests.

You enjoy the unbeatable advantage of living in comfortable apartments with large balconies and terraces right by the sea.

Bioclimate in the City


The majority of people live in densely built-up cities with a polluting bio-climate. The development of the cities prevents air currents with which pollutants and irritants could be carried away. The haze over the cities reduces the biologically effective and important UV radiation and often causes breathing difficulties and circulatory problems due to smog and high ozone levels. The high levels of pollutants and irritants in the city air are usually not filtered out by the air conditioning systems used in hotels and resorts.

Numerous studies have shown that living in 'normally' polluted air is linked to an increased risk of lung and heart diseases. More recently, several research groups have begun focusing on the damage to the brain caused by air pollution, such as its effects on cognitive (mental) functions in older adults, and found a link to the development of Alzheimer's disease. In addition, an association with strokes in dementia caused by air pollution was established.


Climatic conditions by the sea


The characteristics of a climate are subdivided into gentle, stimulus and stress factors. Gentle stimuli are, for example, the purity of the air and the increased water vapor content, the so-called aerosol, which has a positive effect especially at the sea together with the higher salt content.

Beneficial coastal fog

On the coast, the sea-salty and pure air makes up the healing climate. In addition, the intensity of solar radiation is increased by the sea. Patients with chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and skin diseases benefit from the sea climate.

The healing effect of the sea does not only come from the weather, but also from the
iodine and the other essential minerals that are contained in the tidal flats. At low tide, the pollen-free sea wind sweeps over these areas and carries the minerals that are valuable for health to the mainland. A high swell creates a strong surf, which swirls the antiinflammatory aerosols into the air.


Good to know: The extremely favorable influences of the
marine climate are only effective directly at the sea.


As described, the steady sea breeze is a valuable support for a healthy life. But: with everymeter of distance to the shore, the beneficial and healing influences on the lungs decrease.

During a long term stay in a resort by the sea, which is along a highway or a busy street with high levels of pollutants and exhaust emissions, not only the positive effect of the maritime climate gets nullified - a long stay there would actually be harmful to the lungs.