Air Taxis.

The future of domestic travel on Cebu Island.


Although the state road from Cebu City to Alycoy has been widened to 4 lanes for a few years now, the highways on Cebu cannot be compared with the highways and expressways in the modern industrialized countries.



But in addition to the possibility of reaching our resort by seaplane, there will be a new high-tech solution in the very near future, which is already extensively tested in many places.


Air Taxis


There are over a hundred manufacturers worldwide who develop flying taxis and have already completed many test flights. The players and investors in this billion-dollar market include many well-known companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Toyota, VW, Hyundai, Uber, etc.


The industry expects to start regular operations in many cities around the world in three years at the latest. For the Philippines and especially for Cebu, the air taxi is definitely one of the best solutions for tourism. Especially since the purchase price of an air taxi for 4 people should be roughly comparable to that of a comfortable SUV.