Our 2 pillars for the perfect protection of the buyer = lessee

1. Title Registry at Ocean Palace Beach Club



At Ocean Palace Beach Club, all share buyers receive a certified copy of the original property title with the lease agreement. The conclusion of the purchase contract, i.e. the leasing contract, is entered in this title.

The buyer's right to freely sell his unit at any time is thereby additionally secured and serves as proof of the purchased unit. And: The subsequent buyer also receives a new leasing contract with the full term of 2 x 25 years.


2. Entry of the usufruct right in the title

With the leasing contract, a deed of sufruct is also concluded, in which not only the relevant residential unit but also the use of the outdoor area, such as pool, garden, etc. is specified. This usufruct contract is also entered in the original copy of the title.

 This guarantees the best possible land register security for all domestic and foreign buyers of shares.