Investing in real estate in the Philippines is booming. The country consistently holds top positions in international comparisons in terms of economic growth and as a tourist destination. The new government's ambitious plans for the development of the tourism sector are also interesting for investors. The achievable returns are usually in the double-digit percentage range, which is rather rare worldwide.

Real Estate and Foreigners


Since foreigners are still not allowed to own land and property, so-called leasing contracts (= rental contracts lasting for decades) are concluded with private prospective buyers for a property with or without a house.

In the Philippines, the purchase of real estate with a leasing contract is roughly comparable to  heritable building right or leasehold abroad. A very long-term leasing contract is concluded, the total rent for the agreed term plus, if necessary, the purchase price for the house is paid upon conclusion of the contract. In many countries abroad there are terms between 50 and 99 years, in the Philippines the term for foreign private individuals is set at 2 x 25 years. Extensions are possible with us at any time by concluding a new leasing contract with the same conditions without additional costs. The lessee (person entitled to leasehold) also receives a registration with the local registration authority (so-called tax declaration) for the corresponding apartment and, on top of that, a usufruct contract for the purchased residential unit and the corresponding outdoor facilities. (See also tip below)

                                       Before buying real estate of other objects,

                               the following questions should be answered

- Who is the registered owner of the property?
- What does the property plan look like, i.e. has the property been surveyed by a geodetic engineer and Boundary stones (monuments) marked?
- What is already registered in the DENR for this property?
- Is there a current RTC Clearance and the Barangay Certificate? (Somewhat comparable to a confirmation from the competent district court/barangay captain that there are no claims or other entries in the court for the requested property and that no proceedings or neighbor disputes are pending.)
- Are there farmer beneficiaries, claims, rights of way or other rights of use by third parties, mortgages, usufruct or other encumbrances?

Only when the notary (preferably choose one yourself!) gives the "green light" can a leasing contract for the precisely defined property and the property be concluded with the Filipino owner and registered.

Tip: You can register a right of usufruct (usufruct) on the property (including the building), which is included in the purchase of a share in the Ocean Palace Beach Club with every contract.




Only a so-called "clean title" offers real security as to whether the provider is actually the owner of the property offered. But outside of the metropolises, very few property owners have that, including in the Alcoy-Dalaguete area. Also because the title can only be obtained with a lengthy and expensive process. Needless to say, we have such a title at Ocean Palace Beach Club!

Absolute buyer security at the Ocean Palace Beach Club:

The Condo Option


The buyer community has the right to convert the acquired apartments into so-called condos. This roughly corresponds to home ownership law in many European countries. The consent of the property owner and title holder is already documented in the purchase/lease contract.

So this is the only beach resort in the South of Cebu, that also allows foreigners unrestricted ownership of a property in the Philippines! This means that the investment is not only associated with high returns, it is freely tradable, inheritable and, thanks to the booming tourism in our area and the constantly rising real estate prices, is also associated with the rapid increase in value of the residential units.



Our 2 pillars for the perfect protection of the buyer = lessee

1. Title Registry at Ocean Palace Beach Club



At Ocean Palace Beach Club, all share buyers receive a certified copy of the original property title with the lease agreement. The conclusion of the purchase contract, i.e. the leasing contract, is entered in this title.

The buyer's right to freely sell his unit at any time is thereby additionally secured and serves as proof of the purchased unit. And: The subsequent buyer also receives a new leasing contract with the full term of 2 x 25 years.


2. Entry of the usufruct right in the title

With the leasing contract, a deed of sufruct is also concluded, in which not only the relevant residential unit but also the use of the outdoor area, such as pool, garden, etc. is specified. This usufruct contract is also entered in the original copy of the title.

 This guarantees the best possible land register security for all domestic and foreign buyers of shares.